Bureau Veritas works with Congolese authorities to protect consumers

Nov. 10 2021

Bureau Veritas in Congo meets with the Ministry of Industrial Development and Promotion of the Private Sector.

Mr. A. Th. Nicéphore Fylla Saint-Eudes, Minister of Industrial Development and Promotion of the Private Sector (Congo), received Stéphane Gaudechon, Vice President for Government Services and International Trade, Itoro Samuel Enang, General Manager of Bureau Veritas in Congo, and Tedy-Gildas Mfouo, Sales & Marketing Manager on October 11, 2021 in Brazzaville.

What was the purpose of the meeting?

During this meeting, the Bureau Veritas delegation discussed with the Congolese government the development of a program to verify the conformity of goods.

Missing media item.

Stéphane Gaudechon did not fail to recall the importance of this project which is intended to ensure the protection of Congolese consumers with regard to the importation of goods. He also emphasized the importance of inspecting goods entering the country and ensuring that they meet international and regional standards as well as local requirements.